Analogy of A Relationship

Relationships come in many different packages, be it in business or in love, they all have the same rules. Working together to create togetherness and wholeness, or separate to create indifference. It’s like gears that mesh, or gears that grind away on us, leaving a pile of metal to be disposed of. The loss of the closeness that once was there. We choose the life we want and try to change our partner to match our goals. We adapt to their ways and loose our dreams, or work toward a common goal together.

In business it’s the same, we either help our customer to a solution, or we bug them to buy our way. Common sense tells us to help others first, then help yourself. But many of us are out for our own, we don’t see the big picture. The “Pay it forward” of the world like the movie of the same name. “What’s in it for me”, we think not worrying about others, we justify it but our own being and how we live, the things we own, the cloths we wear, the car we drive, etc..

Start you conversations with, “what can I help you with”, or “Is there anything I can do for you”. Not I’m Steve, I’m a worker bee, and I’d like to show you my work. You close the loop by helping yourself first. Be their friend and show your appreciation for what they need and how you can help them achieve it. A much nicer way to approach people is on the giving end, not the receiving end, of things. It is a learned technique, and takes time to develop the response to be a helper first. You’ll have a lot more friends and they will reach out to you when you need their help.

Back to love relationships, well we might love each other at first, and as time goes on we grind away at each other, by moments of dissatisfaction or temper or distraction by devices like computers, phones, friends, and tv shows. We don’t listen when partner has a need to talk about something. We tune them out, and loose communication with them. They get hurt when we don’t respond to their needs, they get turned off to us, and loose interest in the relationship. We then over react and try to please them and they say don’t bother, your just selfish and don’t see my needs anymore.

Think of it as an opportunity to help them understand that your there for them, and your sorry to have been indifferent toward them, and you are willing to make changes to create more communication and special time with them… Unless they won’t talk about it, then counseling might help both of you. Don’t judge them or be indifferent to what they need, Follow your heart and they may inturn change their feelings. and in-turn help you to make some changes to keep the love alive.

If all else fails don’t blame yourself, it takes two and maybe you were not the right person for them. Then it’s time to let go and let live. Like my mom once put it. “Let the Butterfly go” if it returns, it was ment to be. If not, change your behavior, so it doesn’t follow you into the next relationship. Be positive in mind and body, things will come to you in time… The healer of all things is “Time” it all takes Time.

I hope this helps people to understand one another, and give you some insight to how to get along with others and make friends for life. .Business partners that stand by you, and long lasting relationships will be forthcoming. Enjoy your life as it unfolds in front of you, don’t try to make it happen. Only fools do that and no one appreciates them.

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Merry Christmas to all

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas, this is a special time of year we set aside time to share our love with others. Parties and presents, meetings plus gathering of family and friends to celebrate the holidays, also spread cheer thoughout the world. A time to get ready for the New Year and leave the old year behind, to start over so to say, turn over a new leaf of your life and look forward to the best yet to come.

The best will come, we just need to get ready for it and our new life ahead. Keep those positive thoughts in your head, it helps to bring the best things into your life. Your best attitude, makes life move forward, as does eating healthier foods, does for your body. Keep track of the things that worked this year, but also learn from your mistakes, to help you get more out of life.

Thinking about making more money this coming year, maybe joining an affiliate site, to earn commissions, selling other peoples products, or maybe making your own ebook, and promoting it here on the web!!! It’s up to you and how hard your willing to work to achieve you goals.

Best wishes for you and your family for A Merry Christmas and a great 2012 new year.
Steve Hall

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Wishing Everyone at wordpress a very Happy New 2012

Just want to say Happy New Years to all the people that work at


No hard feelings, I just want my Blog Back online

8-10 years I have had no trouble here, and now I put in one url and my whole blog disapeared !!!   { }

I deserve more than that, my friends were sent a christmas message that got taken downguess you don’t care about christmas very much !!!

{ 2012 is going to be a much better year for all of us  }

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NLP For Beginners

A Layman’s Guide to understanding your brain and your actions
How your brain nerves control your automatic actions and reactions.How controlling your mind and the way you think can change your life. Lets begin at the forefront of thought, by explaining a phenomenon of the human brain, or so-called “the transformation of thought to reality”, so we call it. This happens as a vision, feeling, or suggestion message enters our subconscious mind, from our senses like our hearing, seeing, feeling, or touching, etc. Our brain connects to the memory cells of events and stored information and sorts the information, then does a reaction, or action to make muscles move, the brain to store it as temp, sample, or long term memory or toss it out as useless information. Some times you can store a lie or a misunderstood process as reality.

We sometimes are told to do this or that so we do it willingly, but as we grow older we change our personal thought patterns, and as well our personal filters get adjusted, also to our present situation and social situation we live in. We become whatever the moment calls for, or we become bewildered and full of excuses for our existence, jumping from job to job, date to date, drink to drink, or drug to drug looking for happiness. We give up thinking we can make a difference in our life or in others lives, and merely exist to be as we are. There is a better way, you can be better than you are now and feel that life is a gift to you and you have the choice to make it better, whatever your present situation. It calls for some deep thought and help from others to work toward your life goals and to get the next step in life’s journey.

It takes time to change your behavior from a lifelong of doing what comes naturally, meaning you will have to think differently. But it’s worth all the effort you put forth, to gain back your sense of pride and honor within your heart and mind. All it takes is to begin conscious effort to realize that changes can and will take place within you and this can really change your life. First thing is to translate thought patterns of a positive nature and channel your behavior toward possibilities and rewards, even small steps or the ones you start changing. You may need to find a coach, a person whom you can fully trust. Give them the challenge to assist you to help yourself, to make small changes, ask for their thoughts on your life and its present heading and what you would like to achieve what you are headed for, you may be surprised at the several approaches they come up with, that you never thought of yet. Possibility thinking and looking forward to a rewarding life is so much better than living just day to day in “existence” type of behavior. You’ll be surprised at how having someone to be accountable to, will make you feel. Make sure you pick someone that is positive so as not to have” the blind leading the blind: so to say. Pick several partners if need be, to insure that whatever you do it’s right for you . But also learn to make your own decisions and not be lead by others, just be the best person you can be, and see what happens. Get excited about your new life, one of the best choices you can make for yourself. Take a Firewalk, challenge your mind to a new state,open up the possibilities within you and see what happens.
Author: Stephen Hall

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Blog Taken down and never given a warning to edit an fix !!!

Welcome to

Seems they just take you down without warning for tos violation  sort of sounds like aol and its hometown where they took down over 40,000 websites one day without warning. Big brother has total control over the content on here. They don’t even care you spent years of your life writing your blog…  One ad and your gone, what’s next, only write what they tell you can write about. The first amendment of our Consitution allows us free speech does it not!!!

A simple email to say that you made a mistake, please fix it would suffice, put just the part of the blog offline, that has a Tos problem, and not the whole blog !!!  Give us a chance to edit and then they can review it, and put back online… Is that asking too much…

Very Unhappy Customer   Stephen Hall    {}

PS:Give people a chance to fix the problem don’t steal their blog like they were bad people.


Below are information that was once my blog on here but someone removed it    (Why)

I cannot restore my pictures since my computer crashed and they were all lost …

I try to help people get along in this cruel world we live it like divorce and job loss etc.

I use NLP to help them live better lives, give me a  chance to help you too…

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